Current Release – What's New?

View the information below to see what has been added as part of eDOC Innovations' current release! 



August 2021 Release

(Available Wednesday, August 25th)


Release Highlights


  • We will be dropping IE support on August 24, 2021 - You will be shown the following messages when using IE in eDOCSignature across signing screens. 

  • We've added page numbers to the document thumbnail page previews in document set up.

  • The group selector has been updated to show the group number on recent Chrome versions. Previously this would not display. 

  • The 'Save' button has been re-labeled in the signature element edit box to 'Apply' to solve confusion with two save buttons.

  • A change was made so that the notification email placeholder text is now treated as the notification email when creating a template. This is located on the Review and Create Template page.
  • A change was made to show the IE alert pop-up on handoff from ProDOC to eDOCSignature. 
  • Removed the back button on the edit template screen so changes are not lost when the save button is not clicked. 



  • The "Send Notifications" button has been renamed to "Resend Notifications" to better clarify the user workflow.

  • Documents in ProDOC that are set up for eSign and are part of a package no longer immediately upload to eDOCSignature. Instead, they are sent as a package when using the Send eSign button. Pressing the Sign Now button does push the documents to eDOCsignature immediately and prompts the user with a window asking who will be signing the document.

  • A change was made to set the form name to the default form name if ProDOC fails to identify the form name in every other way available/enabled.
  • Enhanced logging has been added throughout the save and save pending process around updating user package data.


If you would like more information on this release, contact the eDOC Client Development Team.




Sneak Peak at the Upcoming November 2021 Release!

(More Information Coming Soon)




  • New and Improved Homepage and Experience – Completely redesigned solution with user-friendly search and document viewing updates. 
  • Improved Member Search – Search across all fields from one location. 
  • Advanced Search Features – Search for all documents related to a specific member. 
  • Document Image Preview – View all documents before selecting. 
  • Reorder and Remove Columns – Reorder your columns by dragging or remove completely. 


If you would like more information on this release, contact the eDOC Client Development Team.